[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - July 13th 2022

Items which were discussed on the call -

  • [Ruturaj] Meshery Cloud seed content table design
  • [Yash/Gaurav] Meshery v0.7.0 Planning
  • [Gaurav] Grid and table view for all configurations (Designs/Applications/Filters)
  • [Gaurav] Progress on support for source-type on Applications UI
  • [Nishant] mesheryctl release improvements on homebrew
    • Migrating mesheryctl some custom tap to homebrew-core
    • Edge releases for mesheryctl
  • [Uzair] Handle Expired Session #4956
  • [Alpha] Status of screenshot logic in docs (with sample example) #5778
  • [Aaditya Subedy] Docs table sorter
  • [Aditya] Working for mockups for an extension marketplace in the Meshery.
  • [Aditya] Open “Help Wanted” issues.

Watch the video - Meshery Development Meeting (July 13th, 2022) - YouTube

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