[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting - April 12th, 2023

Meeting Minutes


  • New Playground flyer to share with others; be social →

  • [Subedy] New design not showing up on meshery.io catalog page

  • [Azanul] - New capability: CRUD user credentials

  • [Azanul] - mesheryctl default config update

  • [Sahil] - Hyperlink in Snackbar to open notification center PR

  • [Abdullah] - Changed default value of provider to ‘Meshery’ PR #7510

  • [Abdullah] - Add ability to disable operator through meshconfig PR #7259

  • [Ambareen Azam] - [DOCS] Added a contributing to Docker Extension page PR #7524

  • [Harsh] - Removed Helm meshery-cps chart and update chart.yaml and values.yaml PR

  • [Gaurav] - Implement SVG scaling system across Meshery for Safari.

  • [Yash Sharma] - Fixed dark mode issues PR