[Recap] Meshery Development Meeting 23rd, August, 2023

Meeting Minutes:

  • [Aabid] - Add Persistence Support To Notifications #8573
  • [Abdullah] - Kubeconfig permission fix for Docker deployment of Meshery
  • [Suhail] - [CI] Swagger docs build failing #8551
  • [Philip] - Adjusting test in mesheryctl #8501
  • [Freedisch] - Show available k8s context for uploaded kubeconfig
  • [Tejas Kumar]- Add wrappers for JSON.parse() #8556
  • [Rajdeep Sengupta] - Change CustomToolbar.js from class based component to functional component#8565
    • We can add a new optional field to actually give timeDuration in the useNotificationhook. If it’s given it will be set to that. Otherwise, we can use a default time duration of 3000 maybe.

See the full meeting minutes here.

Watch the recording at - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq7yr2Az2PQ