[Recap] Meshery Build and Release Meeting - January 27th 2023

  • [Ayush] externalize the config.go file for kuma adapter

  • [Ayush] improve pattern apply cmd debug messages.

  • [Ashish] Meshery Test Plan

  • [Ashish] Failing E2E tests in adapters.

    • Linkerd adapter: Missing MeshModel components for latest edge-version.
      • Solution: Change logic in GetLatestReleases - Assigned to: [Alberto]
    • Nginx SM adapter: Discrepancy between versions with/without “v” prefix
      • Change function that Gets the version. Assigned to: [Ayush]
      • Also externalise config. Assigned to: [Ayush]
  • [Ashish] Normalise Service Mesh Meshmodel model names to SMP enums [Ashish]

  • [Ashish] Change Cilium workflow to make sure it runs on edge release.
    Assigned to: [Hamza]

  • [Alberto] Updates on ARM support.