[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Meeting (23rd Jan 2023)

Websites Call Meeting Minutes :

  • [Anita] - New UX badges, MeshMates,
  • [Gaurav] - Writing Program
  • [Shivam] - New page for MeshMap
  • [Arunima] Publish the Learning path blogpost #3526 (cont.)
  • [Udit Takkar] fix: add navbar for mobile #970 (cont.)
  • [Arunima] Modifying Navbar dropdown such that it expands on text click #892 (cont.)

Meshery Docs (docs.meshery.io)

  • [Gaganpreet] Meshery Docs facelift with dark mode included (PR #6639) (cont.)



play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io

Meshery Cloud

  • Email templates
  • [Subedy] Avatar list of “Who’s Online”


All the topics above were discussed briefly in today’s Call.
Our Star Host for today : @Chadha93 :tada:
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