[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (6th Feb 2023)

Meeting Minutes:

  • [Shivam] New MeshMap page #3670
  • [Gurpreet] New Security Vulnerability page #3666
  • [Suhail] Convert stack of category filters to a carousel on home page #3494
  • [Anita] - New UX badges, MeshMates
  • [Ayush] Lighthouse ci tests update

Meshery Docs ( docs.meshery.io )

  • [Gaganpreet] Meshery Docs facelift with dark mode included (PR #6639) (cont.)
  • [Arunima] Modifying Navbar dropdown such that it expands on text click #892
  • [Yash Sharma] some logos are in color and some are in white in Dark mode #967
  • [Anand] Changes made to the icons and text of all the catalogs #950
  • [Chinu] Text visibility issue with Copy Url button #1000


  • Needs monthly solution leaderboard


play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io

  • Needs yellow bottom banner reinstated.

Chinu’s Topic was the last topic discussed in the meeting. All agenda items below that will be discussed in the next websites call.

Watch the YouTube LiveStream, incase you missed the live stream: