[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (2nd Jan 2023)

Meeting Minutes from the Meeting:

  • UI/UX badge - design complete; needs posted into the Community Handbook and on contributing.md. First awards for this badge need to be handed out, KC.

  • Possible Candidates for the badge?

  • Criterias to fit in for the award?



  • [KC]: Integration of discuss forum into other websites.
  • [?] Help wanted: Another needed on meshery.io, getnighthawk.dev, layer5.io, service-mesh-patterns site.

Key Highlights from the Meeting:
We had a detailed discussion about the Integration of the discuss forum with our sites, throughout the meeting. @revoly @asubedy @Lee and @Leonard led this Discussion with work-arounds and methods.
The Integrations section was also discussed, the one on meshery.io and layer5.io. This included the Integrations Spread sheet, good-first issues to take on and etc.
Designs for 2 new Community Badges was reviewed, and feedback was given.
We also had brief discussions about a couple of stalled PRs by @Arunima.Chaudhuri and @utkarsh2000 .
Check the LiveStream on Youtube, to watch the whole meeting.