[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (28th November 2022)

Topics discussed today:

  • Site Ready?
    Patterns in Action Page?
    Designs, Prototypes? [Volunteer Needed]

  • [Lee] - Moving to a single category filter on the home page for Integrations


  • [Krishna Gupta] - “Collaborating with logos overflowing.”
  • [Krishna Gupta] - “Consistency in buttons.”


  • [Krishna Gupta] - “Making catalog page responsive.”
  • [Krishna Gupta] -”Mode toggle button changed. “
  • [Arunima] - Modifying Dropdown for Navbar. #892

Key Points from today’s Websites Call:

  • Implement Carousel for the Integrations Filters on layer5.io
  • Load More/See More (lazy load) button for integrations on Home Page. (layer5.io)
  • Integrations section on meshery.io/integrations not Mobile friendly (volunteer-needed)
  • Displace 3D view of the integrations with 2D view on home page. 2D view should be the Default View.
  • Better Animations for images and videos on Home-Page for meshery.io [Volunteer Needed]
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