[Recap] Highlights from the Websites Call (13th Feb 2023)

Meeting Minutes from the Call:

  • [Shivam] New MeshMap page latest updates. #3670
  • [Gurpreet] New Security Vulnerability page #3666, Meshamp screenshots added #3740, Infinite Carousel Image size fix #3728
  • [Suhail] Convert stack of category filters to a carousel on home page #3494
  • [Ayush] Lighthouse ci tests update

Meshery Docs ( docs.meshery.io )

  • [Gaganpreet] Meshery Docs facelift (Demo of all the changes merged)
  • [Chinu] Fix text overflow #7071
  • [Chinu] Unnecessary scroll bars in code snippets #7072
  • [Arunima] Modifying Navbar dropdown such that it expands on text click #892

  • [Anand] Changes made to the icons and text of all the catalogs #950

  • [Chinu] Text visibility issue with Copy Url button #1000

  • [Colby] updated API reference to include token fetching instructions. A new issue was found, bad link, need redirect information to assign. #7404


  • Needs monthly solution leaderboard


play.meshery.io / playground.meshery.io

  • Needs yellow bottom banner reinstated.

Meshery Cloud



  • Stale PRs / Stale Issues:

  • [Homepage] Banner4: Not properly responsive; leaving too much whitespace #3686

  • [Homepage] Banner4: leaving too much whitespace at the top. Responsiveness is not working. #3691

There was a detailed discussion on @Shivam.Sood’s Meshmap page and @Ayush.Sharma’s LightHouse CI PR. The last topic covered was the LightHouse CI by @Ayush.Sharma.
Topics below that would be discussed in the next meeting.
Catch the YouTube LiveStream here: