[Recap] Highlights from the Webistes Call (26th December 2022)

Meeting Minutes:
Highlighted Topic for today:

  • [Subedy] Jekyll collections and datafiles: understanding and iterating them using Meshery’s Compatibility Matrix as the (complex) example.
  • UI/UX badge - design complete; needs posted into the Community Handbook and on contributing.md. First awards for this badge need to be handed out, KC.

  • [Deepesha] Integrations Sheet progress?

  • Updates? New Integrations?

  • [Gaganpreet] Reimplementation of Integrations honeycomb grid (PR#)

  • Broken links of some docs, guides on the site. Change doc links:

  • Point to handbook

  • Community Guide → hmm. To the handbook? Or to Cloud Native, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh Community? Or remove those links?

  • Writers Program

  • New/More Blogs needed. (Volunteers) (Link to Writing Program needed)

  • Content Calendar (link to spreadsheet needed)

  • Call for visual design of a new “Writer’s Program” Badge. This badge is to be awarded to individuals who are/have participated in the writing program and have had their writing posted.

  • Reviews required on designs.link

  • [Yash] Review on 3D Integration loader


KeyNotes from the Meeting:

  • @asubedy started the call with a smooth presentation about the Jekyll Pages, using the Compatibility matrix as the example. Doubts were asked, answers were given. To watch the presentation again, click here.

  • Many PRs were discussed, feedback was given, and a few designs were reviewed.

  • @Leonard discussed major updates about the Leaderboard on the discuss forum.

  • @Leonard gave a detailed trivia on his and @Lee’s PR, which focuses on integrating top posts from the discuss forum with docs.meshery.io

Link to the LiveStream: Websites Weekly Meeting (Dec, 26th, 2022) - YouTube