[Recap] Highlights from the Meshery Development Meeting (Jan 5 2023)

Meeting Minutes from the Call:

  • [Ashish] - MeshModel changes in adapters. #532

    Call for volunteers

  • Alberto Olvera: Yes! Start with Linkerd Adapter, perhaps?

  • [Ashish] Quick reminder of tomorrow’s CI call.

  • [Abhi] - [Design Yaml] Add labels and annotations to root and clean final yaml [#6817]

  • [Nithish] - JSON Schemas for MeshModel Constructs

  • [Abdullah] - Design spec: mesheryctl system provider

  • [Harkirat] - Tooltip support in the formContext. #6755 #6815

  • [Ashish] Writing SVG on filesystem for MeshModel components #6769

    • Review from Abhi
  • [Harshit] - Dark mode final review


  • [Subedy] -Fixed Cilium issue on compatibility matrix
  • [Subedy]- Discuss integration on other websites
  • [Ashish] Go.mod syncer completed
  • [Uzair] - Fix not able to upload Grafana Board JSON #6802
  • [Gaurav] Snackbar design system
  • [Deepesha] Writing program
  • [Eeshaan] - Discuss Forum LeaderBoard
    • Initial Data
    • Parameters to be considered while making the leaderboard
  • [Franklin] -

E2E Tests/CI

  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for e2e tests (contributor guide) of designs, applications and filters.
  • [Abhi] Fix problems on the Settings Page, the state views of Meshsync and operator states.
    • Todo: Fix the context-switcher too with the changes.
  • [Abhi/Gaurav] Need for tests for
    • Design Import
    • Design Delete (single/multiple)
    • Create Design
    • Workload validations
    • Catalog contents
    • Views change and rest
  • [Abhi/Gaurav/Mario] - Upgrade Cypress version to V12 and E2E test failures [#6681]
  • [Ashish/Abhi] Subscription refactor [Draft-#6409]
  • [Mario/Gaurav/Abhi] Do Cypress changes to adapt graphQL changes.
  • AugustasV] Fix manual adapter tests pipeline. PR review needed

[Ruturaj] - Workflow to update Meshmodel component docs on Meshery’s website #6838

The final discussion of this Meeting was Harshit’s DarkMode PR. All agendas below that would be discussed on in the next meeting.
YouTube LiveStream:

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