[Recap] Highlights from the Meshery CI, Build and release meeting (December 8th, 2022)

December 8th, 2022

Meeting Minutes from the Meeting:


  • [Ashish] Updates in Component MeshModel workflow

  • [Hamza] Adding sample application in linkerd adapter

  • Compatibility matrix with false positives.

  • [Ashish] Using go.mod sync utility in a workflow

    • Merged
  • [Ashish]- Failing E2E tests in linkerd adapter

  • [Ashish] Deployment of Meshery playground

    • Fix WSS->WS nginx ingress

@revoly @Arunima.Chaudhuri @Deepesha.Burse @Zanda256 @Segun.Saka-Aiyedun
were the participants for yesterday’s meeting. :grin: :layer5: