Pull Request and Merging

Please how long does it take for a Pull Request to get approval and be merged?
Are there additional things to do after creating a pull Request for it to attract a maintainer or reviewer?

While there’s no fixed timeline for a PR to be reviewed and merged, it typically depends on various factors, such as the availability of maintainers, and the complexity of the changes. Some PRs might be reviewed and merged quickly, while others may take longer due to the need for thorough testing and discussion.

Additionally, it can be helpful to reach out to maintainers or relevant team members through Slack to draw attention to your PR, if you believe it addresses critical issues or features.

However, patience is key. Maintainers often have multiple PRs to review. If there’s urgency, a polite message on Slack can sometimes expedite the process, but it’s crucial to respect the maintainers’ time and processes.


Thank you so much @abhishekmmgn