Publish a design in MeshMap

Hi I am trying to publish a simple design but also new to k8 so I am also learning it. I tried to create a design but I got stuck in the component section where we have to set values for node and service for this which document should I refer to so I can understand what value or how to connect service to pod and node? for ex. I have attached an image…? please help.

First things first you need some basic understanding of k8s and related components like pods and services Nothing fancy but you should know what these components do .

Now you are in a lucky place as MeshMap does a bunch of things for you like validation , dryrun and deployment . If you would click on these errors/warnings the form for the component will popup with missing / wrong values and most time times these fields have helpfull hints about what values they take and what they do .

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Thank you so much @Aabid.Sofi. Could you provide any document or link where I can understand the components what values they take and what they do?

as i said the component form has hints for each field to help you …

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you can also check the official docs related to these components to gain more understanding .

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yes, there is a hint provided for components which is helpful now I am checking the document to gain more understanding on that. Thank you so much, sir.