Problem in setting up meshery ui

Greetings to all. I’m not really well versed with cloud native tools such as K8S and the like. I’m facing trouble for quiet a while now while trying to get meshery ui up and running on my local machine. Been getting this for quiet some time. I’ll be really grateful if you could guide me on how to go about this:

I followed all the steps as per the following link to first install kubectl too: Install and Set Up kubectl on Windows | Kubernetes

Are you building Meshery or deploying it?

If you’re deploying, identify the specific step that doesn’t work for you here - Installation | Meshery. If you are building, identify the specific step that doesn’t work for you here - Contributing | Meshery

I’m actually trying to deploy it on my local machine so that can I can explore tha codebase a bit before getting started on actually tackling issues

Excellent. Let me/us know if you run into an issue with a specific step in the installation instructions - Installation | Meshery. Make sure that the location (network) in which you are deploying Meshery Server has network connectivity to the location (network) in which you are deploying Kubernetes.

Hello, I did everything the instructions said, but in the end on running meshery system start im getting the following:

just tried to run mesheryctl system start again after trying to work my way around the errors I had been getting thus far and now Im getting this:

pls help @Lee

@VidsRox Unable to deploy meshery to minikube - #6 by MUzairS15

@MUzairS15 created the config_minikube.yaml file just like how it was mentioned in the link to the topic you provided

after that you wrote : ~/.kube/config-2 , then replace the kube config with the content of (unflattened config-2).

Im not able to understand what you mean by this so kindly help :pray:

Replace the content of ~.kube/config with the output that you get after running the command.

did all of that too @MUzairS15 , replaced the content of the config file with the output I got in the terminal.

Im still getting:

I’d be grateful if you could respond pls @MUzairS15

I am unsure why is this still happening if you did all these steps.

Can you purge and start the minikube cluster fresh?

Or use kind/docker-desktop

Maybe this could help

Also is minikube running ?
Confirm by this → minikube status
Which OS are you using ?

minikube is running, yes. I’m using WSL.

it does say that meshery is beeing deployed:

but when I try to open this link it just says ‘this site can’t be reached’

Once Minikube is running, please try executing mesheryctl system restart and then share the output. Your experience, @vishalvivekm, could be quite helpful here.

@Saurabh_Singh @vishalvivekm this is what im getting

Well, now I don’t know why Meshery is not able to open the browser, but I would suggest purging the installed Meshery and starting fresh. Alternatively, as Uzair suggested, you could use docker-desktop.

The install instructions are not being followed.

Maybe you could try the following:

  1. copy .minikube/ca.crt in trusted certificates directory sudo cp ~/.minikube/ca.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
  2. update ca-certificates sudo update-ca-certificates