Plugin was built with a different version of package error

The error arises while opening meshmap plugin.

plugin.Open("/home/abhishhek/.meshery/provider/Meshery/v0.6.0-rc-2/provider/navigator/meshmap/graphql/"): plugin was built with a different version of package (previous failure)

The possible reasons behind such errors are version mismatch of the similar components used in the plugin and server.

To being particular, meshsync is throwing the version error here.
The solution is to check the version of meshsync in server, i.e, meshery/go.mod and check version of the plugin(here meshmap) in meshery-extensions/graphql/go.mod

If both are having different versions that is the reason of the error.

Fix: Either

  1. updating both the repos to their latest helps because someone may have already updated it after seeing same problem
    For this just update your meshery code to latest and MeshMap code to latest by pulling newer changes from both the repos.

2. you can go with creating a pull-request to update the package to the latest fixing your issue as well as for others.