Play with Meshery

Hey @Lee & @Chadha93, I applied to LFX Mentorship and also I completed the tasks except Play with meshery. Need to know about this. How do I start creating designs?

Lee Calcote 1 day ago

Great questions. I’ll let you in on a little secret. While you can take screenshots and send them to the email provided…


…you might also take note that it’s the spirit of the tasks that really matter, not the specifics of any of the tasks. What matters is that you come explore the project, figure out if you enjoy the community, and if there’s an aspect of a project that interests you. If so, and if you are able to participate and make an impact, do so. You’ll start to gain some of that internship experience and you’ll be in queue as a candidate. We award internships to those who have demonstrated their ability to impact and passion for the projects. Internships are awarded speculatively, but are awarded in support of efforts that are being given and impact being made.

I totally agree! This is the first community I joined and I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning a lot and exploring new things. I love the weekly meetings because they give me the chance to speak and share my opinions. Recently, I talked about my progress and I’m interested in learning more about playing with Meshery. Sorry if there are any mistakes in my message, but I’m excited to be here! :blush:

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