On clicking icon redirecting to feed.xml

On clicking the icon, it’s redirecting to feed.xml. I don’t know about this XML file.

What is your thought about this? Is this an issue?

After running on localhost, I found the Gatsby.js Development 404 page. Here all the page URLs are listed. Also, I found the code snippet which is not matching with theme.

@Lee @Chadha93 & @Abhi Share your thoughts.

@Vaibhav.Maurya Let’s discuss this on websites call ( 17:30 IST Today). Please add this as an agenda item in the meeting minutes.

@Chadha93 & @vishalvivekm

Share your feedback. What to do?

The behavior you described, where clicking the feed icon on layer5.io/blogs redirects to feed.xml, is not an issue. It is a common practice for websites or blogs to provide an XML file called “feed.xml” that serves as an RSS or Atom feed.
By offering an RSS feed option, blogs enable readers who prefer using dedicated news aggregators or other similar services access to timely updates without having to visit the website separately.

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