Not able to upgrade to Meshery latest release

Even i tried git pull upstream . added the main remote upstream again then tried git remote update , make ui-build but wont able to upgrade to the meshery latest release stable-v0.6.138

Hey @abhijeetgauravm, Welcome to the Community. here is a resource you can look into Upgrading Meshery and all of its components | Meshery

hey @Yash_Sharma i went through the docs but it wont helped here in updating meshery-ui.

@abhijeetgauravm I am pretty confident that you are missing something. can you please share the sequence of commands that you are executing?

hey @Yash_Sharma i tried doing git pull upstream, Even i added the main remote upstream again and tried git remote update then make ui-build and make ui. But wont able to see the upgraded meshery-ui in my localhost:3000

Don’t forget to rebuild Meshery Server, too, in addition to Meshery UI.

upgraded now!