Not able to run meshery docs on local system

Attaching the error logs after running make docs command

which ruby version are you using
you can check through this command ruby -v

Ruby version is 2.7.5

It looks like your network connection has timed-out a number of times during downloading of gem packages. Try again when you have a better network connection

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It did work, but still cant access docs through localhost :frowning:

Using rails 6.0.5
Bundle complete! 6 Gemfile dependencies, 131 gems now installed.
Use bundle info [gemname] to see where a bundled gem is installed.
bundle exec jekyll serve --drafts --livereload --config _config_dev.yml
Configuration file: _config_dev.yml
To use retry middleware with Faraday v2.0+, install faraday-retry gem
Source: /home/jinx/meshery/meshery/docs
Destination: /home/jinx/meshery/meshery/docs/_site
Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental

done in 10.563 seconds.
Auto-regeneration may not work on some Windows versions.
Please see: Filesystem watchers like libinotify do not work · Issue #216 · microsoft/WSL · GitHub
If it does not work, please upgrade Bash on Windows or run Jekyll with --no-watch.
Auto-regeneration: enabled for ‘/home/jinx/meshery/meshery/docs’
Server address:
LiveReload address:
Server running
 press ctrl-c to stop.

But Trying to access it keeps on reloading any other dependencies or things that needs to be done?..or is it still because of my network :thinking:

@Lee @Suhail.Khan ^^

Please include the command that was used to generate this terminal output.