Not able to choose an adapter an install mesheryctl command

Hey there, I am not able to choose an adapter and install mesheryctl command. Does anyone has any suggestion regarding this?
I am attaching the screenshot below-

@agnivesh_01 ,
Can you please follow the instructions at Windows | Meshery ?
sudo command is missing in your WSL instance. You could install the sudo command and try as well.

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Thank you for bringing up this question.

The installer script does not work for MingW at this time. You can follow the above instruction from @hexxdump to run the Scoop command from PowerShell terminal. In order to do this, you will need to install Scoop to be successful.

If you would like to use mesheryctl from a Ubuntu or similar, you can download Ubuntu via WSL or WSL2 and install as normal with the one-line script you tried to use. Or setup a Ubuntu virtual machine and do the same as well.

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Thanks @hexxdump @Antonette.Caldwell for you kind support.

Still one more error I am facing i.e., not able to execute the “mesheryctl system start” command. I might be asking very silly doubts but as I am just starting out, there are a lot of confusions and your support means a lot.

hey @agnivesh_01 I faced the same issue,check if your minikube cluster is up, if it is not you need to start minikube and if it up check weather you have kube config file present ,which is created as soon as the cluster is up and runnning , the config file is present in home directory as hidden file inside .kube directory

minikube or docker desktop , here your cluster is not running in the current state. Make sure to run k8s cluster before hand abd it will work fine .