[Newcomer's Guide] Alternative Solution for setting-up website

If you’re a windows user with 8gigs of ram, Probably you’ll be too facing this error .

image processing 99% completed

Possible solution ( switching to Linux or wsl )

Alternative solution? using Gitpod :sunglasses:

Your system hardware is inefficient ?You’re willing to contribute but your potato PC doesnt let you? No worry , Gitpod got you :sunglasses:

Note: The following guide is for newcomers who aren’t familiar with Gitpod.

Now what is Gitpod?

Gitpod is an online integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a cloud-based development environment for coding project

Visit gitpod website and preferably login with github
(It would make all your forked repositories available at once)

Now you’ll have a dashboard as follows.
Choose Laye5 repo as context URL , code editor of your choice and large class.

wait for a couple of minutes to let the repository load itself.

The code editor of your choice would pop-up in the browser or desktop(as per your choice)
Visit terminal

npm install -g gatsby-cli

This would install the gatsby for you
[Node and make command comes preinstalled with gitpod]

make setup

This will install all the required dependencies for you

make site

You’re done😎
Now whats stopping you from your first contribution?:grin::raised_hands:


That’s great, if you are low in specs using gitpod or codespace is the better option