Newcomers call experience and Star Meshery

Hello all newcomers :raised_hand: ,
Share your first newcomer’s call experience and do let us know that you got to know the community well. We will glad to know

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Link to Meshery repo:


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i felt it was quite informative and got to know about quite a lot of things, thanks for setting up such meetings.


One thing that i would like to point out is recordings of newcomers-meetings are not uploaded on the youtube playlist, considering that most of them might have very same agenda it might seem counter intuitive , but the latest ones are available from 2021 , so kindly consider adding atleast few of the new meetings to appropriate youtube playlist @Sudhanshu_Dasgupta @Yash.Sharma thus minimizing your frequently held meetings and content being shared through appropriate channels as well.


It was very informative and the hosts were really great, made the whole thing interactive which was fun. The hosts also explained a lot of the concepts and talked about the projects and how to get started. It was overall a great call!


Just had my first newcomers meeting. It was very helpful & informative.

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When will you take next meeting

yeah even i got late for meeting and now i wanna watch the recording how can i access it …

Hi @mitulgupta72,
Latest Newcomer’s sessions aren’t available publicly, but you sure can watch the past recorded sessions on Layer5’s YouTube Channel:

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