Newcomer want help in exploring projects

Hello, community! I’m Adil from India. The Linux Foundation Mentorship program brought me here and I’m looking forward to connecting with a Meshmate to get acquainted with the Layer5 framework and contribute

Languages I am familiar with are C++, javascript, Python, Go, Java
Framework I am familiar with is React.js

In Open Source world, I came across LFX Mentorship and, as a result, Meshery, which appears to be the type of project I’d like to be a big part of and contribute to. I’m excited to be a future potential big contributor and to participate as much as possible in both the community and technical areas.

You can connect with me on GitHub , and on Twitter


Welcome to the Layer5 community @AdilIrshad73 :tada:
I suggest you have a look at this video captured in a previous newcomers call. It gives you a brief overview of the projects as well as goes in deep into contributing to Meshery and mesheryctl.

If you have any more doubts, please feel free to tag me in the comments.

Deepak Gupta

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Welcome, @AdilIrshad73 :wave:. Its so good of you to jump into the community. In addition to what @Deepak_Gupta has pointed out, you’ll find a number of resources available on the Newcomers page here - and more after filling in the community member form here -

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