New to the Meshery community, looking for a meshmate!

Hey there! I’m Siddharth Tewari, a 4th semester computer science student. I have an interest in learning about systems engineering, networks and distributed computing. I have some experience working with go (mainly making apis for uni projects using gin and net/http). I also try to grok rust in my free time, I’m looking for a meshmate to guide me and get me started. Thanks in advance!

Hey @Siddharth_Tewari have you gone through the community handbook first?
If not you can visit here and read about all the projects, their documentations, and contributing guidelines. After then if you still feel you’re in need of a meshmate then you can specify in which field you need guidance and one of our meshmate will be in contact with you.

cc: @Chadha93 @Yash_Sharma @Nikhil_Ladha

Hey there! Yes I have gone through the handbook. I recently attended the newcomers meet as well and have a direction to go in, thanks a lot for responding!


Thanks for stating this @Siddharth_Tewari , marking it as a solution