New to Meshery Community, Looking for a MeshMate

Hello everyone, I am Soumyajit Kolay. I am presently pursuing a B. Tech in Electronics and Computer Science. I have the knowledge of coding in C, C++, Python, HTML and CSS; and I’m presently learning JavaScript. I’m looking forward to enhance my skills and knowledge and contribute in’s open source projects. I had joined’s community via LFX Mentorships, if that helps.

I presently need a MeshMate to guide me through the next steps and help me in making my first contribution to Meshery. I am already on Layer5’s Slack channel, if that helps.

That’s great @c43-sar Layer 5 has various projects where you can contribute and help which you can find here community handbook

To make your first contribution you can start with finding some good-first-issue to work on which matches your skills and then you can ask to assign that issue to you (if it has not already been assigned)

Join weekly development meetings which will help you to get more knowledge about projects so that you can make good and big impact on projects and in the community (meetings calendar)