New here and looking for a Meshmate

Hello guys, I’m Precious from Nigeria. I attended the newcomers meeting and I’m really excited to contribute, I’m looking for a Meshmate to ease me in (relatively new in tech, interested in Frontend and Technical Writing and I’m currently learning Javascript).


:tada::tada::tada: Welcome to Layer5 Community Precious​:hugs::hugs:

We glad to have you​:confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Welcome @Precious_Ihire it’s great to have you here. I can always guide you through whatever block you have while contributing. The best way to get started is to go to GitHub - layer5io/layer5: Layer5, expect more from your infrastructure repository on GitHub and then look for issues with good first issue label and then see if any of them fits your skill set. If it does, you can asked to be assigned to this issue. Also, you can also contribute in a non-code way by helping other new community members settle in and also get started. I want to hint on the importance of making impactful contribution. This really pushes you and shapes you skill set. With that said, feel free to always reach out to me here and on the slack workspace. Ask questions here as often as possible.


Adding to @Leonard’s comment, I’ll say that this query for help-wanted issues searches across of Layer5’s GitHub orgs and repos. It’s a great reference.