New Comer at Meshery, looking for a meshmate!

Hello Everyone !

My name is Harshwardhan Tanwar. I am an upcoming 4th year undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur. I have had many corporate and research internship experiences in the past.

I am currently working on a research project with Prof. David Knox at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Speaking about the tech-stack I have used in the past :

  1. languages: Python, Javascript, Go-lang, C++
  2. Frameworks: Django, FastAPI, many machine learning frameworks, Node.JS, many machine learning frameworks, Gin
  3. Databases: MySQL (SQL), MongoDB (NoSQL), Elasticsearch (time-series)

I have also had a good experience in opensource, here are the links to the merged pull-requests I made to Ivy, which is also a GSOC organisation this year !:

  1. concat_from_sequence by harshxtanwar · Pull Request #14204 · unifyai/ivy · GitHub
  2. pull request for bincount frontend wrapper and testing by harshxtanwar · Pull Request #13646 · unifyai/ivy · GitHub

Looking forward to interacting with my messhmate/mentor and getting started with some nice contributions :)).

PS: I tried tried to look for the slack link but couldn’t find it. It’ll be great if I can get the invite here as well.

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Hello Harshawardhan, Welcome to the Layer5 community! We’re thrilled to have you here. Get ready for an amazing experience. Join us using this link. You can contact Mesh Mates on Slack.

@harshxtanwar Join us today in the Newcomers meeting at 6:30 PM IST that’s held weekly on every Thursday to get an overview of the projects and the community. You can also ask any questions that you want to, we’ll have MeshMates, Community Managers and maintainers to facilitate you.

Meeting details: