Need some help in understanding how to work with Visualizer without facing these errors

Hello Mates,
I can sense that this error is so common to see while running MeshMap but I am facing this error since yesterday. I tried my best to restart the server, force-reload, delete .meshery/config, re-building, etc. It used to show me that there is no cluster connected even though I upload the assets/config file from meshery-extensions repository, which is resolved by taking help from @Yash.Sharma But sometimes on restarting the server or on re-logging into the site, I don’t get this No MeshSync data available error. Instead of this, I got this new error saying could not found on database . I tried the same in where I got no error (I couldn’t connect to the config file available at meshery-extensions at this site though) because I was connected to kubernetes-admin@kubernetes cluster.
I am completely confused about how to handle this situation. I would be so glad if someone can help me to pull me out of this situation.