Need some help in understanding how to work with Visualizer without facing these errors

Hello Mates,
I can sense that this error is so common to see while running MeshMap but I am facing this error since yesterday. I tried my best to restart the server, force-reload, delete .meshery/config, re-building, etc. It used to show me that there is no cluster connected even though I upload the assets/config file from meshery-extensions repository, which is resolved by taking help from @Yash.Sharma But sometimes on restarting the server or on re-logging into the site, I don’t get this No MeshSync data available error. Instead of this, I got this new error saying could not found on database . I tried the same in where I got no error (I couldn’t connect to the config file available at meshery-extensions at this site though) because I was connected to kubernetes-admin@kubernetes cluster.
I am completely confused about how to handle this situation. I would be so glad if someone can help me to pull me out of this situation.


I’m facing a similar error. It’d be really helpful if someone could give us some guidance on this.

Hi @Atreay_Kukanur, in your situation are you running a Meshery locally or are you using the playground? If you are running locally, please give some details about it setup / your environment.

Hey @Lee, I’m running MeshMap locally with Docker Desktop, and the issue I’m encountering is in the first step. In the video walkthrough, they mention selecting adapters, but in my case, even though I’ve enabled them in the extension, they aren’t showing up.

Here’s what the video demonstrated:

And here’s what I’m experiencing:
meshmap ext error

@Atreay_Kukanur ooooh, you’ve stumbled upon a bug. I can give you instructions on how to deploy Meshery Adapters manually in the meantime, if you’d like to go that route.

@Zaki_Shaikh you have an open pull request to fix this issue, right?

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@Atreay_Kukanur, this bug doesn’t affect Meshery deployments in Kubernetes cluster, only Meshery deployments in Docker.

@Antonette.Caldwell, this issue is still giving us a cold stare.

Hey @Lee, I’d like to try that route if it’ll make MeshMap work.

@Lee partially yes, I opened an issue for this, in which the desired behavior is that when user deploys an adapter it must connect automatically.

@Atreay_Kukanur, no adapters necessary to have MeshMap up and running. :+1:

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@Antonette.Caldwell have you uncovered anything further with respect to the issue of Meshery Server provisioning adapters while running on Docker?