Need some direction on how to show istio-service mesh (minikube)

Hi, I’ve my minikube setup in local and in that I am running a sample book application and can see it’s mesh in kiali dashboard

Now the thing is I want to see the service mesh for this application in meshery. Although meshery is able to recognise minikube and everything but I am not sure how I can see my service mesh for the application running in minikube.

I recommend using the MeshMap plugin and it’s Visualizer mode.

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Hi thanks for the suggestion. But I am a bit lost because the meshmap is not showing my local environment.
As you can see, in the image below I have an extension section but after clicking on the signup for the meshmap it takes me to the meshery-playground rather than enabling meshmap in my local environment.

P.S. → I am trying to build a solid understanding of meshery and was looking for video tutorials and other resources. So far I’ve found the meshery docs and newcomers recordings on youtube is this it or am I missing something in terms of resources. I hope i am in the right direction here :sweat_smile:.

Very good of you to ask. Another noteworthy resource is that of the community’s shared drive, “Layer5 Community”, that can be found when visiting MeshMap dynamically loads for entitled users upon sign-in to their Meshery Cloud account. If you’ve signed up for early access, you should find that a MeshMap menu item appears on the left side nav bar.

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So it turns out I needed to just logout and login again (in my local development) in order to see that option. Also I have the early-access already
Thanks really appreciate the help.

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