Need help to get started : Engage with a meshmate

Hello Layer5 community !! Myself Satabrata Paul . a passionate backend and cloud developer from India. I have recently applied for LFX Mentorship at Meshery and therefore, I need to get started with my journey of contributing to meshery project by understanding its architecture and workflow. Cloud and devops has always been one of my most favorite domains. Backend development along with building cloud solutions is my area of passion and interest and I wish to excel in it. Being able to contribute to meshery and thus move forward with the application process of LFX Mentorship is what me as a passionate open source developer wants. Therefore , I hope that a meshmate will help me out in this regard and guide me through in this journey.

Welcome, to the Layer5 Community @Satabrata_Paul,

The MeshMates are able to guide you through your first contribution. You can look at all open issues on the Meshery repository and ask to be assigned to anyone you feel matches your skill level. Feel free to ask your question and the slack workspace for quick and precise responses. Have you been able to set up Meshery locally on your laptop? If you haven’t, then that is the first step towards contributing.

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It’s very good of you to reach out and ask, @Satabrata_Paul. :-1: I highly encourage you to attend one or more of the Newcomers meetings on Thursdays ( - details). These are a great help as well. As @Leonard engages with you and assists you on your way, know that MeshMates are willing to jump on quick calls to help give a leg-up, too.