Need a Meshmate

Hello, I’m Prajwal Jaiswal, a 3rd-year Computer Engineering student from Mumbai, India.

I’m proficient in JavaScript, Python and I’m still learning GO. I have experience with ReactJs and nodejs. I also have familiarity with tools and technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. I’m always open to learning new skills.

I’m looking for a Meshmate so that I can get guidance on how to get started with the Layer5 projects. Looking forward to being a part of this community.


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Hey @prajwalj27
First of all, Welcome to the community :tada:

I would love to help you out!
Could you please lmk which projects are you leaning towards contributing to?
We can hop on a call and I can help you set up your local dev environments and give you a brief about them as well :slight_smile:

Looking forward to catching up with you!

Best regards,
Adithya Krishna


I haven’t explored all the projects of Layer5 as of now, but, I would like to start working on Meshery project. I have gone through some of the documentation for Meshery.

Would love to get the general introduction of the project and also get help with setting up the local environments. I have also joined the Layer5 Slack community.


Do you mind pinging me in Slack?
We can set up a call and I can help ya get your local dev environments up and running :man_running:

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