My dev server of Layer5 web get stuck on Image Processing Job

Try to restart your server again. You need to stop the terminal by hit ctrl + c twice. Then restart again.

I tried it. But happens every time. And it stuck in somewhere. It never starts completely. I think there is some issue with gatsby in my local machine but i couldn’t find it.

Hi, @muhon9 Any luck with this yet?
Please try and delete your node_modules and go through the installation process again.

So I started to run the website locally and I faced the same issue.
Though I can run it on github codespaces but I feel my local system is convenient to me.
Can anyone help me out?

Be sure to have cloned with the depth option:

git clone --depth=1

Still the issue hasn’t been fixed…

@Savio.Dias what’s the processing power of your machine (CPU and memory)? Try closing all other applications, except for your terminal while running this command and see if that helps get you past it.

While building layer5 website locally I never run other applications simultaneously. Regarding the processing power of my machine, it’s as follows :
Processor : Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz
Ram : 4.00 GB
Storage : 256 GB SSD , 2TB HDD
GPU : Radeon TM 530

How does your RAM look while building the site, I wonder…

Savio, are you in a Linux, Windows or Mac environment? Inside a virtual machine or bare metal?

Windows environment.
No virtual machine.

I have been getting the same error. while this solution on stackoverflow helped me get things up and running once, I’m getting this error now again.
Tried running it on windows environment and wsl Ubuntu, but the error still remains.

@muhon9 @Zoheb_Ahmed I can say that this halt is a result of low system capacity. You can try restarting your system and then starting wsl again. Make sure you are using wsl2

Another solution is to modify your .wslconfig and add more RAM to wsl

You can configure limits on the memory, CPU, and swap size allocated to WSL 2 in a .wslconfig file

Tell me if this solves your problem.