Meshmap is available in Safari, not in chrome alone, and the user is the same

version:meshmap 0.7.11-patch1


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Thank you for posting, @sunqingyong. You’re that you’re having here of MeshMap missing is a valid concern.

The good news is that MeshMap is available in and compatible with both Safari and Chrome. Much effort is put into ensuring this browser compatibility. Having confirmed this, if you do find any discrepancies in your experience between the two browsers, please don’t hesitate to point them out.

The issue that you’re experiencing in terms MeshMap missing in the Safari session is quite possibly the result of having a session established in Safari contains a token that created prior to your user account being authorized for MeshMap access, and so, MeshMap didn’t load (maybe). In any case, do you mind logging out/in in Safari. You should find that it loads, but please do confirm this logging out and back in again solves your issue.

@sunqingyong how’d we do? Did this help at all?