Mesheryctl app import: Design Spec Review

Hey folks! :wave: currently, mesheryctl app onboard is used to import and deploy applications into Meshery but what if the user just needs to import the file which contains the app resources into the DB and not to get deployed? So, a sub command to import the application file is needed and currently a design spec is being made. You’re all welcome to take part and give your valuable feedback or ask any questions in the design spec. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the design spec file :arrow_forward: Design spec: mesheryctl app import

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This is a well-written design spec. Something that would be helpful context to the reviewer is an additional note in either the prologue or design goals sections regarding users’ current inability to only import an app and not import AND deploy an app. Hence, not just source type as the core new feature, but import-only, too. The spec didn’t cover the ability to download the source file or did it?

Not yet, the features required for this command are not drafted yet. It’ll be included in the draft soon for this. And sure, I’ll include the note in the prologue