Mesheryctl Aliases

Hey folks, I’d like to have your feedbacks on this issue.
I am currently generating aliases for mesheryctl to ease the effort to call specific commands that is way too often to be called. :weary:
Now, it is certainly unwise for me to create them aliases by myself, right? Hence, I want to open a discussion on:

  1. What is the best way/medium to ask for aliases suggestion?
  2. Where is the best path to put in aliases details? (Idea: put in command tracker spreadsheet)
  3. If you’ve given a chance, what is the command that you’ve used too often is mesheryctl? Don’t forget to put in your proposed alias too.

Thank you!

IMO system commands could have aliases. It would make it much easier.

Is there a history of Mesheryctl commands somewhere/could this information be kept, similar to bash_history? In bash, the following command will show the most used commands:

cat .bash_history | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head -n 10

Can the same logic apply to mesheryctl?

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Cool. What a great way of thinking on this question, @Joe. That’s something a sharp, business analysts might suggest.


In this particular case, mesheryctl usage is local to each users’ system. Here’s my mesheryctl usage of ~1,500 entries. @Joe, I suspect that you will readily point out the inaccuracy in meaning given that the data isn’t fully cleansed, so many entries that are essentially the same aren’t being grouped and counted as the same. I would love for you to flex your pivot table :muscle: on this sheet.


That’s actually a good start to generate initial aliases. Would you like to do the analysis @Joe from Lee’s mesheryctl history?

I’ll look at Lee’s document this weekend and see what I come up with. Feel free to take a look at it also @bariqhibat

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I took a quick look at Lee’s mesheryctl command history. I cleaned the data to consider only the first four words of a command and ran the results through the bash command above. The list below shows the 25 most common command prefixes (number of occurrences on the left, and the command prefix on the right):

126 mesheryctl system start
105 mesheryctl system status
67 mesheryctl system context view
51 mesheryctl system context create
49 mesheryctl version
44 mesheryctl system logs
42 mesheryctl system stop
41 mesheryctl system context switch
40 mesheryctl perf list -t
38 mesheryctl system channel switch
28 mesheryctl perf --url
27 mesheryctl system logs meshery
26 mesheryctl system config minikube
25 mesheryctl system channel set
23 mesheryctl system update
21 mesheryctl system restart
19 mesheryctl perf --name a quick stress test
18 mesheryctl system context delete
17 mesheryctl exp filter apply
15 mesheryctl perf list
15 mesheryctl perf --url https:
14 mesheryctl exp filter list
12 mesheryctl system context list
12 mesheryctl perf
10 mesheryctl system context set

Lots of starting and only a third as much stopping. Good. :slight_smile:

@Lee I’d like to take the next step with this and update the mesheryctl-aliases repo. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Edit: I suppose most people have their own aliases file.

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