Meshery v0.7.0 Release Announcement


v0.7.0 is the latest and most significant release of Meshery, the CNCF’s cloud-native manager. In this latest release, several new feature areas have entered beta, including GitOps enablement, Multi K8s Management, Multi-Tenancy, WASM Filter Management, SSL Support for Fortio, new set of mesheryctl commands, and 200+ new integrations, which are now generally available.

With loads of feedback from Meshery users, contributors have been hard at work implementing new features and improvements. Meshery is proud to be the 10th fastest-growing project out of 200+ CNCF projects!

Read the complete release highlights at Meshery v0.7 | Meshery.


Meshery Maintainers


Try the latest v0.7.0 features of Meshery at

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