Meshery v0.6.0-rc-4 Release πŸŽ‰

The Meshery version v0.6.0-rc-4 is out now!

Some key features:

  • Followed by new versions of Meshery Operator and Meshsync
  • New beta features added:
    • Manage Applications
    • Manage WASM filters
    • Manage Service Mesh Patterns
  • MeshMap: Visualise service mesh deployments
  • Improved Kubernetes support

To know more about the release, you can have a look at the documentation

Thanks to all the awesome contributors in the community, who made this possible! :sparkles:

What is expected in future releases?

Visit the Meshery Roadmap!

  • You can visit the Meshery Roadmap here
  • Learn more about the Kubernetes support here
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