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[UI] Settings Revise Models Browser

Current Behavior

The existing “MeshModels Browser” needs an uplift.

Desired Behavior


  1. Rename to menu tab to “Models”.
  2. Implement two views as captured in the mockups below.
  3. Use Tree View React component - MUI X

Acceptance Tests

  1. Users can navigate between models.
  2. Users can search for models or components.
  3. Users can collapse/expand and scroll through registered models.


MeshModel Browser

Wireframe - 1

Figma link

Present: @Ritik.Saxena @Parthib_Datta
Absent: Shlok Mishra

Meeting minutes

User Flow

  • The user first lands on the MeshModel Browser Overview screen.
  • Use the standard toolbar.

On search

  • Change view from MeshModel Browser Overview screen to MeshModel Object type Details screen.
  • Expand all the rows with matching names.

On click of cards

  • Animate all the cards to the tabbed menu shown in the MeshModel Object type Details mockup.
  • Transition to MeshModel Object type Details screen.

Overview tab

  • On click take the user back to the MeshModel Browser Overview screen.

Model tab

  • At a time only one Model row can be selected.
  • When a user clicks on any Component, Relationship, or Policies row then only shows its data in the details panel.
  • Users can select multiple Components, Relationships, or Policies by clicking on the checkmark.
  • On click of collapse all, collapse all the rows.

Components tab / Relationships tab / Policies tab

  • At a time only one Component/Relationship/Policy can be selected.

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