Meshery UI integration test are failing in local

OS: Mac

I am trying to run integration tests on local. But it seems like a lot of tests are failing in my local. Although the same are working fine in github ci/cd pipeline.

Follow up.
Found something weird, these tests are running smooth in chrome but failing in firefox

@MarioArriaga92 I wonder if you’ve seen this sort of behavior before.

@Vaibhav_Singh_Bisht @Lee Interesting, but it seems that the problem is a specific “uncaught” exception being thrown from the app.

Please refer to Cypress Docs / Cypress API / Catalog of Events > App Events > “uncaught:exception”

The default “behavior” of cypress when the browser throws an exception is to fail but its configurable: Examples > Uncaught Exceptions > To conditionally turn off uncaught exception handling for a certain error

Having said that, a couple of words of caution:

  1. Turning off all exceptions OR conditionally turning off exceptions for specific errors is something that should be done in exceptional cases as it can/may lead to swallowing errors originated from real issues from app code, dependencies ,etc.

In this case, I suggest to try replicating the scenario manually and digging into “why” the “JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of JSON data” is being thrown inside an unhandled promise rejection and where its coming from (hint, hint, open DevTools and look into Console logs).

Let me take a look and I can share any observations but for now it seems that this issue’s workaround is to keep using cypress locally with “Chrome” and not with “Firefox”.

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