Meshery UI Dev Server throwing error

After cloning the Repo and following the steps mentioned in the docs. Running make-ui for the dashboard is showing me the following error message in the snack bar and then redirects me to another page. The compilation gets completed successfully but the server logs show the session not found.

Node version: v16.19.1
Go version: 1.20.4
Mesheryctl version: v0.6.91

Operating system: Ubuntu

Server Logs

@Karan This occurs when your auth-token is expired and you’re on development environment. The terminal logs suggests the same. You might have redirected to login page.

Alternatively, in this situation you may go to localhost:9081 which is prod environment and login from there. You’ll come back to localhost:3000 with no errors.

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I get this error on localhost:9081/provider, When I select the provider as Meshery shows me Meshery Deployment Incompatible.

Please do the following:

  1. Go to your meshery folder in your local-system where you’ve cloned it.
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream

restart the meshery server.

Addionally, before restarting the server, you might like to pull the latest changes, for that you can do:

git pull upstream master

@Samyak.Shah or @Vaibhav.Maurya Would you help capturing this issue in the GitHub - meshery/meshery: Meshery, the cloud native manager and update the contribution docs, so that no other contributor bump into this?

Sure Abhi!
I raised a new Issue ticket:

What Abhi suggested could be marked as the solution? // @Karan
@Samyak.Shah would you see that the docs is updated with the suggested steps ?

I followed these steps and yes, it’s worked.

Thanks for confirming. Should you face anymore issues, feel free to post 'em here for a timely fix.

Yes, I have already created an issue ticket and working on the PR to update the docs!
I’ll raise a PR to the soonest!