Meshery Server Misconfiguration

All the system checks are passing but still I’m not able to deploy anything using meshery dashboard. I remember seeing a meshery_1 pod somewhere but I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

Adding the snaps below:


k -n meshery get all

Error messages:

  • There is problem With operator: Kubernetes config is not initialized with Meshery 1
  • Operator could not be reached: Operator is disabled
  • Meshery Broker could not be reached: Meshery Server is not connected to Meshery Broker

Thanks for asking this question.

Could you please give a little more context of which kubernetes provider you are using? Docker Desktop, Minikube, KinD, etc.

Ideally, there is a networking issue which few users bump into when using Minikube. If you are using Minkube then please ensure that your Broker Service is exposed appropriately with an external IP address. It should be localhost (or, considering you are running your clusters locally on your system.

Last FAQ under this section should be helpful. Frequently Asked Questions | Meshery

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Here is a related diagram which might help you visually understand the networking setup a bit.

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Yes, I’m using minikube, and my meshery loadbalancer svc were not assigned any external IP.

So I ran

minikube tunnel

Now that’s fixed…

But the issue still persists…

I see. We are almost there…

Can you please try restarting your server?

mesheryctl system restart

Reference: Upgrading Meshery and all of its components | Meshery

Well, I had restarted everything already… But anyway thought abt reinstalling the whole setup(updated minikube, updated mesheryctl, added istio adapter and istioctl verify-install is passing as well)… Now the setting page aint loading…

Let me know if this issue seems familiar… And yeah tnx for your time!