Meshery Server Crashes With Cryptic Traceback

Meshery server is crashing with this cryptic traceback whenever meshmap is loaded ( when i click on it in ui ) .

Running it on linux with make server and meshmap as make meshmap-prod . it broke when i fetched meshery from upstream

Possible Reasons : Go version mismatch.

@Aabid.Sofi what version of golang are you using to build Meshery Server and to build MeshMap?

still crashing when using gvm with go1.191.1

// @theBeginner86

What commands are you running? Do you have head on both repos?

Yeah i am on HEAD in both repos and tried running make dev ,make meshmap in extensions repo and make server in meshery . I just deleted the repos and .meshery folder in home and started from scratch now the error seems to be gone and meshmap loads