Meshery Installation 0

Hello Community,

One question, when I use the below command what all things get installed in my Machine?

$ curl -L | bash -

There will be another question to come up once I find an answer to this :wink:

My guess as to what the 2nd question will be: how to uninstall each of those things…

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my suggestion is something similar, Should we decouple installation of mesheryctl and other of meshery component. Because if i install it on K8S cluster , then i only need mesheryctl to do all my task . So I do not want to over burden my system with other components

Looping in @hexxdump

Samir, The meshery bash script installs mesheryctl command alone. For better user experience, we go ahead and start the meshery at the end, “mesheryctl system start” pulls images needed to run meshery in a seamless manner.

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