Meshery Development Meeting | May 8th 2024


  • Matthieu EVRIN, Vivek Vishal, Yash Sharma, Ripul Handoo, Saurabh K Singh, Lee Calcote, Innocent Twagirimana, Ruhi Khan, Ijeoma Eti, Deepak Reddy, Shlok Mishra, Shivay Lamba, Christopher Kalule, Antonette Caldwell, Ibrahim Mbaziira, Ritik Saxena, Sangram Rath, Cesar Roman, Sudhanshu Dasgupta, Archit Sharma, Uzair Shaikh, Samuel Nwanwobi, Sandra Ashipala

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  • Aabid Sofi


  • [your name] - “your agenda item”

  • [Aabid] - Playwright tests and training on test harness in tomorrow’s Meshery CI meeting. (Aabid is out sick today).

  • [Antonette] -

    • Working on Sistent palette to support Meshery UI theme interim to migrating.
  • [Sangram] - Import from Helm Chart does not add repo or chart - By design?

  • [Shivay Lamba] - Couchbase Operator Integration with Meshery

  • [Vivek] - [Call for volu67nteers] New Tutorial Topics

  • Epic : Issue#9832

  • Tutorials:

  • [Matthieu] - Endpoint change in Meshery server (context: slack)

    • /api/integrations/connections/{kind} => /api/integrations/connections/{Id}
      • Concern?
      • Documentation update?
      • Anything else needs to be aware ?
  • Bug? Meshery Snapshots showing odd artifacts in Meshery Helm Charts.

  • [Nikhil Vaidyar] -

  • Currently delving more into meshery repositories. Currently, triaging on this issue: Mapping Kubernetes Resources: Identifying relationships between all standard and custom resources · Issue #35 · cncf/tag-network · GitHub.

  • Apart from that, I have created one pull request which got closed later on:
    [10885] - Removed the version toggler by nikzayn · Pull Request #10887 · meshery/meshery · GitHub

  • [Rex Joshua] - Implement bug fixes on Remote Provider page #10743

  • [Shlok] -Err comp config pairs code #10895

    • fix: return Panic error when error not found #496
  • [Ritik] - Updated RSS Feed to show only meshery related blog [PR]

  • [Ripul] - mesheryctl model import #10544

  • [Chris] -

  • [Saurabh K Singh] - Failing Unit Test in mesheryctl system package #10860

  • [Archit] - Related models category name #10896
    - Padding fix for mobile view #10897

  • [Rudraksh] - ?

  • [Ijeoma] - Update on Add interactive pagination for filter list PR #10732. List relationship cmd. #10898. Working to Implement command to Search Relationships

  • [Yash Sharma] - Fix seeding default org in local provider

  • [Deepak] -

  • [Ibrahim] - Meshery linkerd adapter failing tests

  • Currently blocked by project setup

  • [Sudhanshu] - New catalog menu in meshery ui

  • [call for volunteer] to use or migrate to sistent modals (Pop up Modals in Meshery UI [UI] · Issue #10531 · meshery/meshery · GitHub)

  • [Deepak] -

  • [Akshay] -

  • [Innocent] - Update on Argo CD relationships

  • [Christopherk] - working on issue Not returning error code moniker. I overcame several challenges during project setup, but I’m currently stuck on uploading my kubeconfig file due to an error stating ‘No reachable contexts found.’ I’m seeking assistance to navigate through this issue. Next, I plan to reproduce the error and confirm that it returns the error code moniker for ‘1073’.

  • [Sandra] - Revert changes feedback onn blogpost

  • [your name] - “your agenda item”