Meshery Development Meeting | March 6th 2024


  • Yash Sharma, Uzair Shaikh, Shubham Pandey, Akshay Sharma, Lee Calcote, Adarsh jaiswal, Archit Sharma, Ritik Saxena, Ripul Handoo, Faisal Afzal, Satakshi Jain, Sanika Patil, Musa Bashir, Meet Jain, Rex Joshua, Sudhanshu Dasgupta, Yash Sharma, Yash Sharma, Victoria Nduka, Antonette Caldwell

Sends regrets Aabid Sofi…


  • [Abid] -
  • [Adarsh ] - PR review : meshery ui error related to permissions while importing a file
  • [Uzair] - Fix YAML parsing during design imports #10497
  • [Ripul] - Mesheryctl : #10516 , #10483, #10479 Relationships: #10481, #10493, #10494
  • [Shubham] - Update on relationships 10482 and Catalog items
  • [Satakshi] - Updated and enhanced the blog #1653
  • [Ritik] - Updated feedback email template format [PR#2032] and added deny button on catalog publish request email template.
  • [Vivek/Sangramrath] - Add kubernetes pods tutorial using playground #10456 #10508
  • [Sudhanshu] - Fix theme and layout in info inside dashboard in meshery
  • Fix rendering issue of single package table from sistent
  • [Akshay] -fix icon button svg #539
  • [Victoria] - Update on Catalogs page
  • [Archit] - Updates on Restructure of docs pages #223
  • [Yash] - Prevent losing catalog data on unpublishing a design
  • [Cesar] - PR review request: #10334, bug on writing yaml in designs?
  • [Antonette] - sistent@v14
    • add guides on how to get started with testing the components within and outside of sistent
    • add unit testing / integration testings (whichever works) to test components in sistent before releasing
    • pre-planning for v15 to add components, functionality, and refactoring on existing components/icons
    • update open PR on next.js app replica to allow outside contributors once this is merged in