Meshery Development Meeting (Feb. 28th 2024)


  • Vivek Vishal, Lee Calcote, Yash Sharma, Shubham Pandey, Ritik Saxena, Sudhanshu Dasgupta, Uzair Shaikh, Victoria Nduka, Shubham Pandey, Rex Joshua,Althaf Asharaf
    Aabid,Akshay Sharma,Shubham Shrivastava, Sandra Ashipala, Satakshi Jain

Sends regrets Ripul Handoo


  • [Gitesh] -
  • [Antonette] -
  • [Ripul] -
  • [Rex] - Meshery Brand page update
  • [Althaf] -
  • [Shubham] - kubearmor component relationships
  • [Yash] - Call for volunteer for migrating use of RJSF schema from API to sistent #10445
  • [your name] - your agenda item
  • [Akshay/Uzair] -Profile Button on Play. Meshery & #184 #5341#10419
  • [Satakshi] -
  • [Archit] -
  • [Ritik] -
    • Layer5 cloud welcome email
      • Ritik Saxena: Review the existing new Cloud user welcome email. See the Cloud arch deck. Try a new user flow.
    • Integration Card mockup [Figma]
      • Change “Connect” with “Configure” in integration card
      • Ritik Saxena: Schedule a review of the Integrations page.
      • Yash Sharma: There was “Configure” then wizard starts with connect in integration card.
    • Tutorials - levels beginner, intermediate, advanced
      • AWS Skill Builder
      • Starting with Tutorials - Tutorials | Meshery
      • The tutorials should should start with helping the user
        First understand how to use the tools , by building on small steps

Then there should be sections for how to do advanced stuff .

  • Value proposition to Ambassador and Captains.

  • define the UX for the white button with green background.

  • will you lead us through a new user walk-through this week?

  • Akshay Sharma: Profile icon for signed up user on both &

  • Feedback form for already access users instead get early access

  • [Vivek/Sudhanshu] - [Catalog] Publishing cloud native apps to Meshery catalog: help wanted and Publish catalog items (manifests) - issue

  • [Sudhanshu] - Migrate more svgs to use in Sistent -

  • [Victoria] - Improve UX of Catalog page (metrics, ratings, comment on design, empty state)

  • [Aabid]

    • Performance testing in debug 2461
    • [Volunteer] : Meshey Meshmap performance analysis .
  • [Tharun T] -

  • [Cesar] -

  • [Shubham Shrivastava]-

  • [Lee] CNCF’s interest in using Meshery as the CNCF’s tool as a playground for all CNCF projects.

    • [Playground] Learning Paths: Cloud Native tutorials with Meshery Playground #9832
  • [Sandra] - your agenda item