Meshery Development Meeting (Dec. 6th, 2023)


  • Pranav Singh, Shlok Mishra, Ritik Saxena, Senali Dilumika, Yash Sharma, Chandravijay Rai, Akshat Sachan, Vihas Makwan, Lee Calcote, Daniel Kiptoon, Victoria Nduka, Gyan Prakash Tiwari, Abhijeet Gaurav, Vivek Vishal, Saurabh Soni, Unnati, Rex Joshua, Roshan Goswami


  • [Aabid/Yash] - Enhancement in Views API and Views in Visualizer #1768
  • [Your name] - “your topic”
  • [Senali/Uzair] - Register MeshSync data as a connection #9548
  • [Your name] - “your topic”
  • [Vihas] - Api Enhancements to avoid infinite API calls glitch [issue link]
  • [Ritik]
    • New flowchart shapes added to integration sheet [Figma]
    • Added a section for whiteboard and comment feature on site [PR#5187]
  • [Antonette] - Sistent update
  • [Saurabh] - Call for volunteers: [meshmodels] [UX] : Icon for Meshmodel: Issues Link
  • [Pranav] - [bug/CI] Remove duplicate imports #9565
  • [Shlok]-Log files Registered Entities #9564
  • [Saurabh soni] - Call for Volunteers for: [UI] issues

There was healthy discussion on the UX surrounding Visualizer’s honeycomb-style view filters and similarly on the need for UX improvement surrounding the UI Dashboard’s slide left/right effect.

@Victoria.Nduka, @Rex_Joshua if you happen to have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to propose them.