Meshery Development Meeting | 27th March 2024

Sandra Ashipala, Yash Sharma, Anis Khalfallah, Shubham Pandey,Shlok Mishra, Ayush Sharma, Muhammad Moinuddin, Ritik Saxena, Shibu Gope, Rudraksh Tyagi, Lee Calcote, henry emeka, Uzair Shaikh, Rex Joshua, Vivek Vishal,Aabid , Yash Sharma, Samuel Nwanwobi,
Sudhanshu Dasgupta
Sends regrets - Victoria Nduka


[your name] - your agenda item
[Ripul] -
[Satya] - Interactive Pagination for mesheryctl filter list#10578
[Anis] - [Models] Relationships for Argo CD components #10599
[Shubham] - Contributing to Relationships Doc Update #10627
[Deepak] - upgrade alpine from 3.15.3 to 3.18.6 to solve vulnerabilities #10624,
new return types to RegisterEnity and New error codes #485
Registry log entity (PR #10567)
[Lee] - Local Provider bug in Meshery UI
[Yash] -
Update pattern API to support updating visibility #10612
[Extension] Enhancements in share modal
[Ritik/Yash] - Enhance comment mentioned email template to include chats [PR]
[Akshay] -
bottom dock responsive #2507
[Sudhanshu] -Improve some UI elements in meshery dashboard
[Victoria] -
[Rex] - Update on modals for Meshery
- Update on Sistent colors
[Aabid] - Relations Refactor
[your name] - your agenda item
[Vivek] - [Call for volunteers] Tutorial: Accessing Meshery with Gateway API add-on #10333
[Archit] -
[Antonette] - Reviewing PRs
[Sandra] - Post a blog PR #5447
[Rudraksh Tyagi] - Component: ‘FlipCard’ migration from meshery #551

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