Meshery Build & Release Meeting (Oct. 26th, 2023)

October 26th, 2023


  • Pranav Singh,
  • Daniel Kiptoon
  • Mario Arriaga
  • Mohammed Zaki
  • Debaditya Som,
  • Lee Calcote, Sandra Ashipala

Standing Agenda:


  • [Sandra Ashipala] - Enhancement of learning paths in Meshey playground
  • [Mario] [CI] Fix build-and-release-stable.yml’s PR
  • [Daniel] Meshsync Updates
  • [Philip] Playwright in MeshMap snapshot
  • [Aryan] Fix percentage in compatibility matrix issue
  • [Debaditya Som] Fix Meshery version in compatibility matrix issue
  • [Zaki] fixed CI golangci-lint and meshkit error failure.
  • [Call for volunteers]
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Meeting recording:

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